Intensified Practice
Deeper Understanding

ABOUT - Workshops, Immersion + Teacher Development

These offerings are concentrated sessions where time is taken to study particular aspects of yoga such as asana practice, breath-work / pranayama, yoga philosophy or restorative practices.

There are opportunities to ask questions & delve deeper into the content.

These deeper study options can be used as an accelerated approach to learning.

YOGA WORKSHOPS – suitable for general level students. Concentrated fun!

YOGA IMMERSION – suitable for general level students wanting to explore yoga more deeply and how it relates to them individually. Immersions have limited mat places available.

TEACHER DEVELOPMENT – suitable for yoga teachers and trainee yoga teachers. Specialised forum to explore practice, teaching and adjusting skills. Respectful & supportive

Continuing Education Provider

Sue Everett is a Continuing Education Provider with Iyengar Yoga Australia, Yoga Alliance (USA), and Yoga Australia. Sue is based in Melbourne, Australia and is a senior level yoga teacher & mentor with over 30 years experience.

If you are a Registered Yoga Teacher or Trainee Teacher with these associations’ your attendance will count towards your Continuing Education or Continuing Professional Development Requirements.

DATES - Workshops + Immersion + Teacher Development

2024 –

MARCH + APRIL, 2024 | Please email Sue directly for specific dates and host studio contacts

JUNE Long Weekend – 28 to 30, 2024

Yoga Workshop:
Fri, Sat & Sun – 9:30am to 12:00pm
Fri & Sat 1:30-4:00pm
Host Studio – Yoga on the Square – Palmerston North, New Zealand


SEPTEMBER + OCTOBER, 2024 | Please email Sue directly for specific dates and host studio contacts


via ZOOM
NOVEMBER 9 + 10, 2024
Saturday & Sunday
5-hours each day

Please get in touch for all details & booking


2024 Dates TBC
Host Studio – Fitzroy:
See booking on ‘Classes’ page under ‘In Studio Sessions’


**Please be aware that the in-studio’ sessions are COVID-19 free dependant. Also, travel restrictions imposed by National & State Governments, due to flood and/or fire, may necessitate a re-scheduling of workshop dates.

About Yoga Immersion - Mentored Guidance

Mentored guidance is for yoga students interested in developing their home yoga practice with the support of a senior Iyengar Yoga teacher.

These sessions are for enthusiastic general-level students who wish to immerse themselves in an intensive and progressive learning experience.


It is a structured session that will guide you in furthering the understanding of yoga poses, the fundamentals of yogic philosophy, and pranayama.

The emphasis is on ‘how to do’ and ‘how to practice Iyengar Yoga.

Practice – Abhyasa & Vairaghya
Method – Yogasana
Philosophy – Darshana

Yoga Immersion Mentoring Options

Personal Yoga Sessions

Suitable for those wishing occasional input in the form of personal yoga sessions, where questions can be addressed through Q&A and practical work specific to the individual’s needs.

These personal sessions are usually 1 hour.

Joining a weekly online yoga class would also be advised, and or the periodic Yoga Immersion online or in-studio sessions.

Mentored Yoga Immersion Program for Individuals – MYI

Suitable for yoga students wanting support in creating a personal home practice regimen.

The structure of the MYI Program primarily consists of practical and experiential learning delivered via practice manuals and online contact.

Practice sequences are given for you to use in your home practice, and one-on-one contact time via Zoom is used for Q&A plus practical feedback.

Please email me to receive an information pdf about the MYI program.

Online Immersions


2023 Dates TBC | Sunday 2:30pm to 4:30pm |
Schedule: 2:30pm – 4pm = Asana Class
4pm-4:30pm = Pranayama

Booking link for the live online 2-hour Yoga Immersion Workshop

In Studio Immersions

2023 & 2024 – See above under Yoga Workshop, Immersion + Teacher Development listings

Still Move Yoga – Sue Everett