Go beyond what you
think is possible

Still_Move Yoga

My vision at Still_Move Yoga™ is to assist students to go beyond what they thought possible.

I am deeply inspired by working with people at all stages of their yoga experience & helping each individual reach their yoga goals.

By sharing my depth of experience methodically and clearly, through live online sessions, pre-recorded yoga classes or ‘in studio’ workshops, each student feels their practice is elevated to a whole new perspective.

I feel it is important to be receptive to the student and imbue the class with a sense of communal support and acceptance for what our bodies and minds can manage at each stage of the journey.

Yoga is a challenging and truly transformative experience which inspires great joy!

About Sue Everett

Throughout the 1980’s I had been living and working overseas as a freelance dancer. In ’89/’90 I returned to Australia to rest and rehabilitate after sustaining a spinal injury.

Two of my siblings were going to Iyengar Yoga classes at the time and encouraged me to try it. While at first, I had to work therapeutically due to my vertebral disc herniation and related injuries, I immediately gravitated towards a regular practice as the depth of this philosophically based technique had a huge appeal to me.

My father was incredibly knowledgeable about how the human body functioned and moved. When I started ballet he devised a home training system that developed my practice and helped me overcome my inherent stiffness.

I am forever grateful for his support and insights.

Teaching Yoga

Teaching is something I have always loved doing and I began teaching dance when I was young. One of the best ways to really get to know a subject is to work with it, share it, and teach it, to another person.

I was privileged to first meet Yogacharya BKS Iyengar, in 1992 when he taught in Australia. His generosity and compassion were overwhelmingly present in everything he did.  He taught me how to listen to my body and practice deeply and creatively; it was a great gift. 

A few years later, meeting his eldest daughter Geetaji and being in her classes was for me a revelation. Her profound ability to teach and shed light on her father’s legacy while supporting each student’s needs was something truly inspiring.

I enjoy teaching workshops,  training and mentoring yoga teachers in host studios around Australia and overseas, as well as offering personal yoga sessions via zoom.

I hold an Iyengar Yoga Senior Intermediate 3 teaching certificate, and have over 30 years of teaching experience.

Still move logo with moon and snake and sun

Why Still_Move?

I chose the name Still_Move Yoga, as it describes the paradox and essential nature of yoga practice; movement and stillness.

Still_Move encapsulates the energetic essence of how I attempt to practice and teach.

Our body in harmonic motion, our mind bathed in a silent state; a unifying balance of opposites.

This is the language of Yoga…

The practice and study of Yoga has been used for centuries to unlock the mysteries, challenges and  complexities of being human.


"Submit to a daily practice... Keep knocking, and the joy inside will eventually open a window..."
- Rumi

Still Move Yoga – Sue Everett