Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Be assured that all possible care will be taken by Sue Everett – Still_Move Yoga for your well-being during the class. However, it is up to you to accept full responsibility for yourself once you enter a premises or virtual yoga studio for a yoga session. The guidance given throughout each class is on general lines only. It is up to you to adjust your practice according to your individual limitations, to make sure no injuries occur. You must stop if you experience pain in any joints whilst in the pose, and stop if you are fatigued, dizzy, nauseous or experience pins and needles.

Personal Yoga sessions are available by appointment. These sessions offer ways to work with specific issues. Please select an appointment via the booking page.


– Live Zoom classes start promptly
– Please log in 5 minutes prior, to arrange your device & prepare yourself for the session.
– The online student registration allocates space for you to describe any physical restrictions you may have.
– Please disclose any relevant information in this student registration.
– It is the students’ responsibility to ensure a stable internet connection.
– For best results, connect your computer directly to your internet hub via an Ethernet cable.
– Live Zoom classes are recorded and shared with all who book, even if you are unable to join the live zoom session.
– Recordings are valid for viewing for 48-hours only.
– No extensions are possible for the 48-hour validity.

Thank you for accepting these conditions. I look forward to seeing you live online!


– While all care is taken to inform clients of changes to the regular timetable of scheduled sessions, unforeseen circumstances may arise, such as teacher illness or injury, that prevent due notification. In the event of this unlikely occurrence, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

– Please ensure your contact details are up-to-date.

– If your session is cancelled by Still_Move Yoga, your live Zoom class booking will be rescheduled to the next available date.

– If you personally cannot make the live online Zoom session, and /or you are unable to watch the shared recording of the live Zoom session, then please choose to ‘change or reschedule’ for a later date if available.

– You can reschedule a session only up to 12-hours before the start of the session.

– Do not ‘Cancel’ your live zoom class. Once an online session is cancelled, it cannot be reinstated on your profile.

– All booking live Zoom confirmation emails have a yellow link button to enable you to ‘Change/Cancel Appointment’

– It is advised that you select ‘Change’ to reschedule your session to a later date if available rather than cancel a session, as there are no refunds.

– Act quickly to reschedule your session if you can not join live, or you can not view the recording within the 48-hour viewing timeframe.

– You can reschedule a session only up to 12-hours before the start of the session.


1 Class Pass: paid per class and is valid for a single session.

Multi Class Pass: valid for multiple sessions according to the dollar value you purchase. Class passes have strict validity limits, and must be used within a certain time period from date of purchase. Please check validity timeframes carefully before purchase.

– No extensions to validity
– No Refunds
– Rescheduling permitted within multi-class validity timeframe.


Choose carefully, as there are no refunds and no extensions. Rescheduling for a future date is permitted within per session validity timeframe. Please read details above.

– No extensions to validity
– No Refunds


Visit streaming site for these on-demand-viewing yoga courses

– Online payment portal accepts PayPal & most Credit / Debit Cards.

– All yoga class fees include GST.


Choose carefully, as there are no refunds and no extensions. Pre-Recorded yoga lessons have a 6-month viewing validity from date-of-purchase.

– No extensions to validity
– No Refunds


Please be aware that all ‘in-studio’ sessions are COVID-19 free dependant. Also, travel restrictions imposed by National & State Governments, due to flood and/or fire etc, may necessitate a re-scheduling of workshop dates. Host studios and Sue Everett are not liable for any student’s flight and/or accommodation charges incurred due to date changes.


I encourage email communication for any queries you have regarding your yoga experience.

Please contact me here.

Thank you for your attention & gracious compliance regarding these matters.


Sue Everett

Still Move Yoga – Sue Everett