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Yoga Teacher Development + Training Courses

Sue Everett of Still_Move Yoga offers yoga teacher training and development courses for dedicated practitioners who aspire to teach yoga or upgrade their teaching skills, providing a clear and effective methodology to help shape the individual’s practice and learn the skill sets and diversity of yoga teaching via online and/or in-studio training components.

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Continuing Education for Yoga Professionals through Teacher Development Seminars

– Yoga Teaching Skills Refresher Weekends
– In-studio or via Zoom
– Content includes feedback on personal practice, discussions plus practical information about teaching skills including hands-on adjustments
– Q&A forum
– In-studio weekends held on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland
– Join a single weekend or more
– Accrue Continuing Education points
– Receive certificate of attendance

2024 –

In-Studio dates: June 15 & 16 / July 13 & 14
– Saturday + Sunday = 16-hrs total

via Zoom dates: November 9 & 10
– Saturday + Sunday = 10-hrs total

Please email for all info + fee


ONLINE YTTC – 10-months or 24-months

– 350+hours YTTC over 24-months
– 200-hours YTTC over 10-months
– Applications Open

  • Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses
  • Regular Zoom contact
  • Comprehensive PDF study materials provided
  • No fixed commencement date
  • Eligible students are accepted into these courses at any time

Request the Online YTTC 350+hr/2-year OR 200-hr/10-month Prospectus here

200-hour/10-month OR 350+hour/2-year
Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Currently, the 350+hour / 2-year Yoga Teacher Training Course is registered with Yoga Australia

The basis of the Yoga Teacher Training Courses, or YTTC; offered through the lens of an Iyengar Yoga technique, lie in the cultivation of your regular personal yoga practice, plus the exploration and study of yogic principles and wisdom.

The emphasis is also on how to teach to a particular experience-level of yoga student, along with exploring the asana variations needed in managing an injury or health issue. You will receive practical guidance throughout the training on how to approach this.

YTTC requires a dedicated commitment to ongoing personal practice and self study between the online contact sessions, so it is important that participants be self-motivated.

It is up to you how much you embrace the content in this course. You are encouraged to take the step in becoming self-reliant; engaging with the course content proactively.

Yoga teacher training can be an intense process. It is vital that you & your trainer / mentor have a solid relationship and open communication.

The 200-hour/10-month or 350+hour/2-year YTTC’s are online training courses. Direct contact via Zoom is an essential part of the ongoing training. This is offered on a twice a month basis through individual contact sessions scheduled via Zoom. This course accepts applications at any time

Sue is a Continuing Education Provider with

  • Yoga Australia
  • Iyengar Yoga Australia
  • Yoga Alliance (USA)

Treading The Path

The yoga teacher training course commitment has two options:

200-hour or 350+hour YTTC – Online + Zoom
– No fixed commencement date
– Eligible students are accepted into the program at any time
– Online + Zoom + detailed PDF self-study manuals

I look forward to discussing your training options and a way forward. Please request a YTTC Prospectus via this website’s contact page.

Yours in Yoga
Sue Everett

Alternate Study Options

Participation in Yoga Workshops & Yoga Immersion seminars can be a rewarding way to delve into a broader yoga experience if you are not looking to learn to teach yoga.

See the Workshop, Yoga Immersion & Teacher Development page for all further learning ‘in-studio’ locations & dates.


If you are a Registered Yoga Teacher or Trainee Teacher with these associations’ your attendance will count towards your Continuing Education or Continuing Professional Development Requirements.

"Only from the heart can you touch the sky" - Rumi

Concentrated and structured Yoga Teacher Training cultivates a deep and sustained appreciation for continued self study, which ultimately serves both the yoga practitioner and teacher within us all. The Iyengar Yoga technique is respected as one of the most deeply faceted forms as it holds a practical, philosophical, and spiritual value for all.

Still_Move Yoga’s YTTC-Yoga Teacher Training Course is offered through the lens of the Iyengar Yoga technique, and participants are guided to explore the varied aspects of yoga practice, basic yogic philosophy, as well as the practicalities of becoming a professional yoga teacher.

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Balancing Effort & Surrender

In yoga, the circle represents both the involuting and centrifugal energies that can transform our yoga practice.

It is the inspiration and expiration, perpetual motion – perpetual rest, a unifying balance of opposites.

Visually, the circle also represents the sun and the moon, cyclic energies of heating & cooling that are essential for life on earth.

Abhyasa and Vairagya are the terms used to describe this philosophy of yoga practice; intense activity and introspective calm.

Still_Move Yoga™

The serpent represents transformation, renewal, healing and freedom.

Still_Move Yoga

Still Move Yoga – Sue Everett