Are you ready to elevate
your yoga practice?​

Reach Your Potential

Whether teaching yoga through direct ‘in studio’ contact or using the wonders of technology in my weekly live online yoga sessions, I can assist and support you to go beyond what you thought possible.

Experience live online yoga sessions via Zoom and receive direct feedback on your practice during each session.

Join me ‘in studio’ in Melbourne, interstate, and overseas locations. 

See The Truth In All Things

Yoga teaches us, through our cycles of practice, how to come to ourselves and see the truth in all things.


We are a paradox; limited and constantly changing while at the same time unbounded and without limits.

Through the study of yoga, we learn to move from the body, sense & mind peripheries inwardly, to realise our true unfettered nature.

Life offers us the revolving door to change, yet at the centre there is an undeniable anchor to a deep reservoir of peace. 

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